messmate timber furniture


Australian Eucalyptus Obliqua

messmate-timber-03 messmate-timber-02 Australian Messmate Hardwood Timber has gum veins and natural characteristics not found in other hardwood timbers. The natural colour palette of brown to light-brown hues, looks great finished in a clear hand rubbed bees wax,especially the Re-claimed Messmate Hardwood, allowing the up to 80 years of weathered ageing process, inherent timber character present itself in all it’s natural glory. Unbelievable character and charm captured for life. New milled Messmate Hardwood Timber Furniture is often stained a darker colour to suit specific decor and architectural preferences. The variety of grain & texture make it ideal for families with active children & teenagers as the finished timber surface is more forgiving of bumps & scratches. The Australian Messmate Tree is grown widely across the south-east end of Australia, from South Australia, Southern Victoria, Tasmania & Eastern New South Wales. It’s most likely to grow in rain forests in coastal regions. Australian Messmate Hardwood Timber Density is 830kg per cubic meter.

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