Australian Eucalyptus Marginata

jarra timber furniture melbourne jarrah-timber-03 Australian Jarrah Hardwood Timber features a signature smooth grain with rich deep red to red-brown tone natural timber colouration, which is found only in this Australian Hardwood Timber, often referred to as the magnificent Australian natural resource. Furniture made from Australian Jarrah Hardwood Timber is always of exceptional character and when placed in the hands of an Australian craftsman furniture maker the results are spectacular, timeless heirlooms of the future. Australian Jarrah Hardwood is grown in the far south west corner of Western Australia and is limited in supply, making it one of the more expensive of Australian Hardwoods.

Australian Jarrah Hardwood Timber Density is 820kg per cubic meter, placing it amongst the highest, hardest, most durable of all Australian Hardwood Timbers.

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