environmentally sustainable furniture

LIFESTYLE FURNITURE – care about the environment

hand-seedling-01 Timber is a Natural Renewable Resource that provides an eco-friendly means of manufacturing quality, innovative, enduring, hard wearing and functional beautiful furniture of distinction. Growing trees remove carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, carbon dioxide is a major air pollutant global warming green house effect contributor. Solid timber furniture locks-in-carbon infinitely, half it’s dry weight is carbon. Choosing solid timber furniture is an eco-friendly purchasing decision to feel good about. The production of timber furniture uses less fossil fuel energy than most other alternative furniture manufacturing products. Most of Lifestyle Furniture’s Solid Timber Furniture is hand crafted by craftsman furniture/cabinet makers, using traditional hand tools and construction methods, which means even less fossil fuels being used in the manufacturing process.


Australia’s Forest Management is eco-friendly and amongst thebest in the world – Only 6% of Australia’s 147 million hectares of native forests is public forest potentially available for timber harvesting, only 1% of which is commercially harvested.

Regional Forest Agreements – The conservation & sustainable management of Australia’s native forests are covered by 20 year plans known as Regional Forest Agreements, which are the result of years of scientific study, consultation and negotiation.

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