Lifestyle Furniture – FREE! – No obligation Custom Design Service

australian-logo-01 It’s re-assuring to know that in this frantic “fast food” world we live in today that somethings are better achieved at a less frantic pace, time to consider the options, smell the timbers, feel the fabrics, be dazzled by colours, choice and an array of fabulous solid timber furniture products. Time to soak it all up, take it all in and be creative. At Lifestyle Furniture we encourage you to visit our showroom display, take your time and leisurely meander through our furniture displays. No hassles, no pressure. You want assistance we’re quick to assist. We know solid timber furniture, we know how it will positively impact your home, office and long term lifestyle, it practically sells itself.

timber-table-edge-01Bring in your designs, sizes and wish list we’ll do our best to make it real. Our staff are all trained professionals and can take your drawings & draft an accurate design visual for your appraisal.


FREE NO OBLIGATION TO PURCHASE custom design service.

buffet-edge-01We take the time to sit with you and talk your ideas through to a rendered illustration. A design visual that will give you a greater perspective of how the idea in your head works on paper. A great way to get an accurate quotation on your furniture outcome objective and it’s free at Lifestyle Furniture.

Complete the form below and tell us about your ideal design.

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