Australian made solid timber furniture

A simple Lifestyle Furniture solid timber furniture philosophy


I remember our early years with great fondness, respect and admiration for the original founders of Lifestyle Furniture. Over 22 years ago in Geelong – Regional Victoria Australia, on nothing more than an idea, the will to succeed, a belief in themselves, a dream and a passion for Australian Made Solid Timber Furniture, my parents Joe & Marion created a furniture company which through hard & sometimes uncertain times has endured and become the proud family owned business we are today. Most of my life I have been involved in the Australian Timber Furniture Manufacturing Industry from design, manufacturing through to management and retailing.

From a young age Dad had me involved in the business, from sweeping the saw dust off the workshop floor, to cutting a dovetail timber joint, getting me to feel the texture, smell the aroma of fresh cut timber, but most of all admire the finish and truly appreciate the superior quality of Australian Hand Crafted & Finished Solid Hardwood Timber Furniture. Compromise was never an option then and still remains a mandatory mission requirement today!

rough-cut-timber-01I love to see rough milled & reclaimed timbers being worked, machined and honed by highly skilled craftspeople into amazing polished furniture of distinction, bringing out the natural unique beauty & defining colourations, grain patterns & age of each and every timber board.

Our business model and mission is :
Australian Timber for Australian Furniture, built in Australia.

A passion for quality Australian solid timber furniture was the hallmark of our furniture range then and let me re-assure you – still is today. Over 70% of our furniture range is Australian Made because we believe Australian crafted furniture, made from select Australian Hardwoods is the best in the world, the other 30% is no less well made or beautiful. The defining difference is Australian Made – we proudly support the Australian Timber Furniture Manufacturing Industry.

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