Hyatt 2100 – Messmate/Jarrah Lowline TV Unit

Hyatt 2100 – Messmate/Jarrah Lowline TV Unit



Solid Australian Messmate Hardwood with Jarrah insert feature.
Hand Crafted in Australia Furniture.
Select timber stain finishes.
Wide format unit.
Loads of storage space.
Push open drawers, no handles.
Unique angled side panels.
Jarrah signature highlight design.
Metal drawer tracks.

Up to 80 year old reclaimed and new milled Messmate create a strong durable, hard wearing piece of timeless furniture, individual in character & signature.

No 2 pieces are the same.

Australian Messmate Hardwood has a strong grained pattern, interesting gum veins and colours.

Unit Size: 2100 x 500 x 600mm

Custom made units can be quoted.

Phone: +61 3 9894 2446


*TV and accessories,not included in price.

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