Timber Care

RECOMMENDS & STOCKS HOWARD® – Timber Care Products

Lifestyle Furniture recommends Howard’s Timber Furniture care & maintenance products. Howard products are all natural products that are designed to clean, care and maintain timber furniture products. Quality Solid Timber Furniture is a major lifestyle investment, to maintain the real value of your investment and keep your furniture looking great, we always recommend Howard’s. Howard’s products are recognised globally for their effective care, cleaning and nourishing properties. We highly recommend you try them. Lifestyle Furniture are stockists of this famous range of products.

Maintaining your valuable timber furniture:

  • Keep your furniture out of direct sunlight or high humidity
  • Do not put hot or abrasive things on to your furniture.
  • Do not leave wet cloths or liquid spills on your furniture.
  • Do not use household cleaning products containing silicones.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners.
  • Always use heat resistant place mats.

Cleaning Timber Furniture:
Use a clean damp cloth to remove dust. When dusting, use a soft dry cloth, in the direction of the grain, not in a circular motion. Clean up spillages, especially alcohol, immediately. Properly maintained quality Solid Timber Furniture will give you a lifetime of trouble free service & enjoyment.

Furniture Restoration:
Restore it – don’t strip it! With a simple wipe-on wipe-off process, most finished wood surfaces that seem to need a refinishing job can be completely restored in a few minutes. White heat rings and watermark, sun-fade, oxidation, smoke damage and most other blemishes can be easily and quickly eliminated. The ideal solution for treating carved woods.
The ideal solution for treating carved woods.
Save many hours of labor by chemically cleaning and restoring the finish on carved pieces of furniture and clocks. Simply apply Restor-A-Finish with a small paint brush or soft tooth brush and wipe off. Revive faded finishes. Simply wipe on the desired colour of Restor-A-Finish with a clean cloth. Let it stand for a few minutes, and wipe dry. If you’d like a darker shade, use a darker colour of Restor-A-Finish. Raised and blistered finishes. Apply neutral Restor-A-Finish with Superfine Steel Wool. As blisters soften, press down as Restor-A-Finish is applied. Wipe dry and repeat later if necessary. Restor-A-Finish can also be used to restore minor crazed or checked finishes.
IMPORTANT: Be careful to protect fabric, carpets or linoleum as Restor-A-Finish can leave a permanent stain.
If spilling occurs, wash area immediately with straight liquid detergent or stain remover and wipe dry.
Do not apply Restor-A-Finish to the new imitation wood finishes or use it under polyurethane finishes as a stain!