rubberwood maple furniture


Hevea Brasiliensis (Malaysian Hardwood)

rubberwood-main-02 rubberwood-01 Rubberwood is a Hardwood Timber from the Maple species of trees. Malaysian Hardwood Timber is naturally pale cream to yellowish brown in colour featuring a fine, even straight grain. It has great continuity and is often stained a range of colours. Rubberwood – Hevea Brasiliensis tree species, originated from Brazil, today sustainable managed plantations of this tree are grown in the tropical regions of Asia, Africa and America, making Rubberwood one of the most environmentally friendly & affordable timbers used for quality furniture manufacturing globally. This hardwood produces latex, which is harvested annually and after 20-30 years when they stop producing, the trees are felled for commercial timber manufacturing usages such as furniture making and another is replanted in it’s place. Rubberwood Hardwood is impressive when used as a natural finish and is equally as effective when stained to match specific decor design & architecture applications. Rubberwood Hevea Brasiliensis Hardwood has a timber density of 640kg per cubic meter.

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